Refugee boy

“As the family lay sleeping soldiers kicked down the door of the house and entered waving their rifles round erratically…

The soldier who was in command went and stood so that his mouth was six inches away from Alem’s father’s ear and shouted.

‘What kind of a man are you?’ ”

Life is not safe for Alem. His father is Ethiopian and his mother Eritrean – and with both countries at war, he is welcome in neither place.

So his father does an astonishing thing, which at first appears callous, but is in fact the ultimate gift of love from a parent to their child…

With Alem – and his family – Benjamin Zephaniah has created a brave young man who despite all that happens to him, maintains a shining spirit of courage throughout.

A powerful and thought-provoking novel that demands to be read.

Published in the UK by Bloomsbury
ISBN 0-7475-5086-7
Cover design by Sissel Sandve

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