• Does the UK really Care about Human Rights? Do You?

    My first political hero was Angel Davis. It was she that first made me aware that black people were engaged in a political struggle in the USA, and I’m proud […]

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  • Tibetan hallucinations with Welsh Bards

    People, I’m back. Actually I’ve been back for a while, but let me explain.


    As well as my yearly visit to Chen Jia Gou in China where I study taiji (tai […]

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  • Let’s talk about drugs.

    When I was about 15 years old I remember walking home with my brother and a friend on a warm moonlight night. My brother and me were singing Bob Marley […]

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  • Thanks for the chocolate.

    I’ve just finished doing something I’ve never done before. A tour to promote a book. I’ve done tours before, and published books before, but when those books were published I […]

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  • Tai Chi with the Bees

    Yes, I’m back. And it’s strange being back. I just logged on to my twitter account for the first time in 5 months and found hundreds of messages. I don’t […]

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