• Peter Leyland (The Poet and his books)

    I don’t do this very often, but I want to tell you about a poet called Peter Leyland. I came across him when I visited the home of the Kung […]

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  • Brand New Web Site

    From being one of the first artists in Britain to have a web site, I went to probably the laziest. Things had been added over the years, but site itself […]

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  • Dr Walter Hadwen (1854 – 1932)

    Dr Hadwen was one of the greatest minds of his time but because of his radical views on medical and social matters, like all great pioneers and radical thinkers he […]

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  • War on Women

    I know Mauritius well; I’ve actually been there. After I returned to England people would constantly ask me what is was like, and my reply would often be, ‘take some […]

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  • What am I going on about?

    Britain is a wonderful place. It is a nation of shopkeepers, aristocrats, farmers and animal lovers, all at the same time. It has the ‘mother of all parliaments’, its inhabitants […]

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