• Over and Out

    I have told this story many times whilst on stage and maybe because I tell it on stage nobody believes it, people tend to think that I’ve made it up […]

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  • The Michael Powell Campaign – Update

    On Friday 18th December 2009, I sat in court as an inquest jury confirmed what my family already knew. It was a very moving moment. We all cried. This is […]

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  • The Michael Powell Campaign

    On 7th September 2003 my cousin, Michael Powell, died whilst in police custody, this was after members our own family called for assistance. The current legal status of the case […]

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  • My Favourite Books

    Bloody Valentine is a bloody good book. Authored by John Williams, it tells the story of that miscarriage of justice known as ‘the case of the Cardiff Three’.

    There are two […]

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  • Kung Fu International

    In September 1995 for the first time in history, Kung Fu Masters from the Shaolin Temple in China took to the sky for a World Tour. The day after their […]

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