• Midi Maestro

    Many, many years ago I wrote a song called ‘Computers taking over de music’. I wrote of a world without musicians where one central computer would process your social security […]

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  • Authograph

    Born in the heart of Handsworth, Birmingham, the poet Benjamin Zephaniah thought for years that he was living in some outpost of Jamaica. “At the time all the food was […]

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  • The Puffin Post

    When did you realise your destiny was as a poet?

    I was born a poet. I really can’t remember a time when I wasn’t ‘poeting’ as I call it.As a very […]

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  • Hong Kong magazine

    What would make your perfect day?

    Waking up surrounded by animals and jogging over the Welsh mountains, writing a great poem and a kiss before bedtime.

    What would spoil your perfect day?
    Seeing […]

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  • Smart Issue

    When did you start writing?

    Even before I was able to write I was creating poems. I have always been doing it, I can’t remember starting.

    When did you decide you wanted […]

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