• My Newham

    Each issue we invite a prominent Newham person to tell us what they like about Newham – and perhaps some of the not so good points.

    We start with Britain’s leading […]

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  • My Man Shelley

    Shelley’s my man. If he were alive now he wouldn’t be sitting in an ivory tower only leaving to attend the odd literature festival, he would be demonstrating against the […]

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  • In the Running

    Profession: Poet and broadcaster.

    Achievements: Primarily a political spoken-word poet, Zephaniah has had nine columes of poetry published since 1980, and in the last two years has been touring with his […]

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  • Interview with Raw Edge Magazine

    I understand that you spent some of your childhood in Jamaica. How old were you when you went back?

    There was never a particular time when I went back and stayed […]

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  • What is an asylum-seeker?

    What is an asylum-seeker? To a lot of people in this country “asylum-seeker” has become a term of abuse. Not so long ago I even heard a girl use the […]

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