• The Best of Bob Marley

    Originally I was asked to do a review of a Bob Marley box set that was about to be released, but instead I wrote it as a general comment on […]

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  • Six of Benjamin Zephaniah’s heroes

    Muhammad Ali was more than a sportsman. For many of my generation the boxing wasn’t that important, it was what he stood for. He realised that freedom, liberty, and justice […]

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  • When is a man not a man?

    Once upon a time I was a bad boy, I didn’t go to school when I should have, I was a burglar, a car thief, a middle man, a […]

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  • Benjamin’s Britain

    I am often asked about the poetry scene in Britain and I never quite know where to start, the truth is there are many poetry scenes in this green and […]

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  • Chinese Whispers by Hsiao-Hung Pai

    It is easy to see the nature of a city or a country, just look and see the type of work that people are doing, look at the cars people […]

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